Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: What is the difference between the Student Edition (SE) and the full version of the FastBEM Acoustics® software?

Answer: The student edition has the full functionalities as the full version, except that the BEM solvers can only solve models with a limited number of elements (DOFs) in the models. You can use this version to test the sample models included in the package for learning how to use the software or solve your own BEM models for studying the acoustic BEM.


Question: Can I use the FastBEM Acoustics® solver software directly without installing and launching the GUI software (FastBEM View®)?

Answer: Yes, you can use the solver directly when you have prepared the model files (e.g., input.dat). See the User Guide for instructions. You can use any third-party CAE software to create the BEM model, and view the model and results. Other options for viewing the model and results are using Tecplot, MATLAB, ParaView or your own in-house software. Tecplot can be used directly with the FastBEM Acoustics® output files. Translating the model and result files into the MATLAB and ParaView formats are also straightforward.


Question: What is unique about the FastBEM Acoustics® software as compared with other acoustic modeling software in the market?

Answer: The FastBEM Acoustics® software is relatively new in the market. However, its core engine, the BEM research code for modeling acoustic problems, has been in continuing development for the last 20 years. Developing efficient BEM code is not straightforward, because of the many intricacies in the formulations and related implementations. For example, which BIE formulations to apply, what types of elements to use, how to deal with singular integrals, irregular frequencies, thin shape breakdowns, and so on, accuractely and yet efficiently. The FastBEM Acoustics® software is built upon all the experiences accumulated in the last 20 years in the BEM research for modeling acoustic problems, as well as the latest techniques using the fast multipole and ACA methods. In addition, our fast multipole BEM is not simply a straightforward implementation of the original fast multipole method. We have implemented an adaptive, multilevel, dual BIE approach with fast integration and efficient memory management, that can deliver near O(N) efficiency. The FastBEM Acoustics® software can solve large BEM models routinely with the DOFs in the range of 500,000 to 3,000,000 on a PC within hours, that has not been matched by any other acoustic modeling software on the market.


Question: I am a student/post-doc doing research in acoustic modeling. Can I get a free license for the full version of the FastBEM Acoustics® software?

Answer: We no longer offer free licenses for the full version of the software. A free Student Edition is available for your study. Check the Download page.