Fast, Accurate, Easy to Use, and Cost Effective!

  • Advanced acoustic simulation software based on the boundary element method (BEM) accelerated by the fast multipole (FMM), adaptive cross approximation (ACA), highly optimized direct equation solver, and high-frequency BEM (HFBEM), using parallel computing.
  • Fast and accurate wideband acoustic analysis from low to high frequencies without compromising the BEM model size and accuracy.
  • Large-scale acoustic BEM models with unknowns (DOFs) up to several millions solved on PCs and even larger models on supercomputers.
  • Predicting sound fields from machines, automobiles, aircraft, electronic devices, underwater structures, audio equipment, interiors of buildings, outdoor environment, and many others.


FastBEM Acoustics® 7 Released; Go to Free Download.


 Examples of Large-Scale Models Solved on Laptop PCs: 


Modeling the noise of five wind turbines (DOFs = 557,470, ka = 5)

Head impinged by a sound source from the left (DOFs = 87,340, ka = 50 or f = 11 kHz)


Airbus A320 landing: Sound on the ground (DOFs = 539,722, ka = 61.5 or f = 90 Hz)


Skipjack submarine model: Sound on the sea floor (DOFs = 250,220, ka = 383.7 or f = 1233 Hz)