Evaluation of a sound barrier (DOFs = 16,274, ka = 393; Watch Video)



FastBEM Acoustics® is an advanced BEM software for modeling large-scale 3-D acoustic wave problems from low to high frequency ranges. It is based on advanced and efficient algorithms in fast multipole (FMM) and adaptive cross approximation (ACA) methods using an accurate BEM formulation for solving the Helmholtz equation in 3-D interior or exterior full-space or half-space domains. The code can be applied to solve acoustic BEM models with several millions of DOFs on desktop PCs and even larger BEM models on supercomputers. Please check other sections for more information about the features and benefits, technical details, verification cases, and examples of this powerful computational tool for modeling acoustic problems.



  • Computational acoustics for aerospace, defense, automotive, machinery and other industries
  • Noise predictions in electronics, telecommunication devices and other consumer products
  • Environmental noise evaluation, room acoustics
  • Acoustics for audio equipment, biomedical acoustics
  • Underwater acoustics
  • Characterization of acoustic materials and devices


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