• Solve large-scale acoustic BEM models with millions of DOFs on a PC
  • Accurate analysis in low, middle and high frequency ranges using detailed BEM models without the need to coarsening the mesh
  • Fastest, most efficient, easy to use, and least expensive BEM commercial code in industries for modeling large-scale acoustic wave problems 
  • Capable of solving both 3-D full-space and half-space extorior and interior problems
  • Radiation and scattering problems with multiple sources
  • BEM solutions at single or multiple frequencies
  • Based on new adaptive fast multipole and adaptive cross approximation methods, and a fast direct BEM solver
  • O(N) computing efficiency and memory storage (N = number of DOFs) 


  • For engineers: Apply the easy to use, fastest, most efficient and least expensive acoustic solver for quickly predicting the acoustic fields using large acoustic models that are needed for accurately capturing the acoustic responses at all frequencies
  • For software developers: Integrate the FastBEM Acoustics® solver into your CAE software so that users can enjoy the benefits of high-performance acoustic analysis using the efficient code that has been developed based on more than 25 years of experience in the BEM research
  • For academic researchers: Obtain a free copy of the software for your classroom teaching and research, and start making the research even more exciting