Launch Pad Acoustic Field Prediction Using CFD and FastBEM Acoustics®

FastBEM Acoustics® and the CFD Are Used to Tackle the Complicated Jet Flow Induced Noise Problem During the Launch of a Space Vehicle

(Courtesy: University of Cincinnati, CFDRC, and NASA)

Using FastBEM Acoustics® and a CFD code, the team from the University of Cincinnati and CFDRC simulated the complicated sound field during the launch of a space vehicle for a project sponsored by NASA. The high-speed flow jet during the launch of the vehicle was modeled using an in-house CFD code developed at CFDRC and the acoustic field was modeled using the FastBEM Acoustics® from ACR. More information about this challenging aeroacoustic work can be found in the following paper:

  • A. Tosh, P. Liever, F. Owens and Y. J. Liu, "A high-fidelity CFD/BEM methodology for launch pad acoustic environment prediction," 18th AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference (33rd AIAA Aeroacoustics Conference), Colorado Springs, CO, June 4-6, 2012 (Paper Number: AIAA 2012-2107).